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February 2018

If a Tree Falls in the Forest, Will the Drummer Hear It? Jazz Ponderings with Paulo Silva

When he sits down at the drum kit, Paulo Silva is ready to pour out his signature funky expressionism. Riffing off the vocalist in “Cancao do Mar” he delivers a raw beat and keeps the song throbbing forward. Covering Wayne... Continue Reading →

The Match is Lit – Linda Carone Sets off Fire Alarms

Bluesy guitar and twinkling piano accompany singer Linda Carone in her throaty send-up of “Big Bad Handsome Man.” She swings easily on “Sweet Lotus Blossom” and “Guilty” breathlessly relates a tale of hopeless love. Most remarkable about her style is... Continue Reading →

Skating Through a Fugue: The Creative World of Artem Panteleev

Informed by his early studies in classical music, Russian pianist Artem Panteleev only has to think of JS Bach to spark ideas. On stage, he has a blinding energy that feeds the coffers with jazz phrases and theme fragments that... Continue Reading →

“Emerging” with the Hues of Jazz: Alex Hahn Nails It With New CD

It seems that Alex Hahn just needs to smile through the mouthpiece of his alto and music is born. He’s put together a finely tuned, nice and tight ensemble that makes jazz sound as pretty as gems tossed up in... Continue Reading →

Walter Beasley is Ready, Steady and Smooth

With a long discography of chillaxin’ tunes, saxophonist and vocalist Walter Beasley keeps delivering good vibes. The 2017 CD “Blackstreams” doesn’t fail to deliver the upbeat and groovable. The track “Night Cruisin’” has a little bop and bounce, and “Now... Continue Reading →

The Strums and Strings of Matt Panayides

The hip, takes-you-on-a-ride “Seoul Soul” features, early in, a vibeful solo from guitarist Matt Panayides. In “Out of My Hands,” the tick-tock of the sticks is soon met with a lyrical sax (front man Matt’s habit of including sax prominently... Continue Reading →

Releasing the Coil – Passionate Jazz from Lee Robinson

In a cover of Anita Baker’s “Sweet Love,” Lee Robinson submerges his audience in soul and sass with the soprano sax. The same soothing, honeyed quality is found in the Pat Metheny tune “James.” Typically, though, he expresses his love... Continue Reading →

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