Walter Beasley is Ready, Steady and Smooth

With a long discography of chillaxin’ tunes, saxophonist and vocalist Walter Beasley keeps delivering good vibes. The 2017 CD “Blackstreams” doesn’t fail to deliver the upbeat and groovable. The track “Night Cruisin’” has a little bop and bounce, and “Now What” (understandably getting lots of airplay) lures you in with the first hook. “Come On... Continue Reading →

The Strums and Strings of Matt Panayides

The hip, takes-you-on-a-ride “Seoul Soul” features, early in, a vibeful solo from guitarist Matt Panayides. In “Out of My Hands,” the tick-tock of the sticks is soon met with a lyrical sax (front man Matt’s habit of including sax prominently proves to be a wise and solid choice). He picks his way through a sweet... Continue Reading →

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