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January 2018

Music to Hidden, New Pathways

“Journey to a New World” is a new CD by trumpet player Jonathan Saraga. The whole of the CD is familiar but also fresh; grounded but also hopeful. The horn work is brilliant and technically spot-on, and presented with an... Continue Reading →

Plucking Notes from the Tree of Life

With articulation in every breath of her song "Paper Doll," Irene Serra of ISQ (Irene Serra Quartet) tells the story of love destined to go badly. Besides the amazingly rendered animation in the video, the music is quietly fierce, with... Continue Reading →

Nouveau Vaudeville: Meet the Seavers

Taking a page from turn-of-last-century entertainers who used humor, pratfalls and jaunty music, today’s Meet the Seavers is a combo of all that plus spice, verve and sting. Comprised of married couple Jace and Dorothy Seavers, the act is not... Continue Reading →

Surprise and Intrigue: The Moods of Mamiko Watanabe

Dragging her notes to create tension, Mamiko Watanabe is master of interplay with her bassist in “A Little Piece for Dance.” Utilizing a choppy style interspersed with brief spells of lyricism, she hides inventive note-sentences around each bend. Perhaps there’s... Continue Reading →

Creative Radiance: Danny Fox Trio’s New CD is a Stunner

He may seem young to be a “Great Nostalgist,” but Danny Fox has a new CD out that proves he has all the nuance and patience of many years of experience that belie his age. With his trio, there are... Continue Reading →

Expanding on Monk – Laurent DeWilde Honors a 100-Year Legacy

Back in the pre-internet days of the early 1990s, it took grit and fancy footwork to do your research. Slogging to the library and flipping through card catalogs, microfilm and old clippings; splaying open fat phone books; squinting at listings... Continue Reading →

Sonic Poetry in Motion with Jane Ira Bloom

Sweeping full circles with her soprano sax, Jane Ira Bloom literally places notes all around her. They hang and linger, and as they disperse, combine with the trail of new notes. Layers subside; fresh ones are lain. It’s both aural... Continue Reading →

A Fountain of Lights: Robin Phillips with Color and Shine

They say energy is neither created nor destroyed. These people never saw Robin Phillips perform. The creation of a tornado’s worth of musical force is one of the natural wonders of the scene, a treat to all who are lucky... Continue Reading →

Elastic Adventures with Carlos Saunier

You’re galloping out of the gate from the get-go with “Inminente,” an exuberant romp led by the tenor sax who counterpoints with Carlos Saunier’s guitar. The song is from Carlos’ latest CD release of the same name. “Tocino,” also on... Continue Reading →

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