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December 2017

The Hook of Love – Velvet Notes from Storyteller Wayne Tucker

He only wants to reach people’s hearts through song and a trumpet. New York City-based Wayne Tucker has an impeccable – seemingly innate – sense of timing and phrasing. He doesn’t sweat over formulas or industry standards. Rather, the stories... Continue Reading →

Sheer Smooth Joy with Greg Vail

Greg Vail’s been wailing on the sax since the big hair days of the 1980s (with his own mane to match), through the chill days of smooth as it was breaking out on its very own. Now, he’s re-examining some... Continue Reading →

Music, Truth, Love and a Tribute to Jef Lee Johnson…with Reggie Washington

He gives the music a sturdy and funky floor – with his bass keeping the bottom, Reggie Washington’s playing is spare yet each note necessary. In “Fall,” guitarist David Gilmore plays a high-register melody, adding climbing chords punctuated by falls... Continue Reading →

Funky Sizzles and Blue Notes from Pete Levin

Bucking the notorious traffic on NYC’s George Washington Bridge, car troubles, and living through the disappearance of the Moog synthesizer, musician Pete Levin treks on. Organ, keys, piano and a great ear for composing fresh and engaging music keep things... Continue Reading →

Attuned to the Heartbeat – A Discussion with Chembo Corniel

Palm, wrist or fingertips, Chembo Corniel places love upon the conga drums, leading his band – his “Friends” – into a rhythmic soul dance. A classic Latin song like “Oye! Como Va?” is light with air and space, yet full... Continue Reading →

The Sun Sparkles in Poland

Sweet as honey with the clarity of a sunny morning, “They Say” is Monika Lidke’s bluesy tale of undeniable love. Even when friends warn you about the dangers of getting your heart broken, it’s a pit you willingly fall into.... Continue Reading →

Flock of Different Birds Soar in Harmony with “Better Than TV”

The strong syncopation, simultaneously lending a Latin and classical edge to “Before I Go,” is a perfect entrée to the music of “Better Than TV.” With its many moving parts and sheer energy, the song bubbles up new melodic thoughts... Continue Reading →

Exceeding Vocal Intentions! Crushing it with Grace Garland

The enthusiasm, the biting humor, the voracious passion to make music are what define Ms. Grace Garland. She’s a snappy and energetic rubber band, going from the raw and raucous “Single Mingle Jingle” (a contemporary anthem for singlehood that can... Continue Reading →

Negative Space As A Musical Device

Tal Cohen peers so deeply into the piano keys when he plays that you fear he might fall in. He’s listening to how the notes ring out, and just as intently, plays the pauses and negative spaces. “The Gentle Giant”... Continue Reading →

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