Post-Rock Soundscapes Bleed into Jazz

The music moves like a rushing river on “Dabu” yet it’s not harsh; the melody lays on top with some high fingerings on guitar; the drums keep pumping, no violence but persistent; and the piano has a chime-like brightness. ATSCH (rough American translation might be “Gotcha”) is a band of pretty young guys based in... Continue Reading →

Joy in Every Key

If you’ve rubbed elbows with musicians who rubbed elbows with early music powerhouses like Sousa, well, you’ve touched a piece of history. That big band influence left an indelible impression on Fred Hughes. He started off tickling the ivories of the Hammond B-3 and now leads the decades-established self-named Trio as an accomplished pianist. The... Continue Reading →

Prying Jazz Wide Open With Two Sticks

A rolling and rollicking drum intro kicks off “2 Lumps for Humpty” courtesy of percussionist Robert Castelli. Crashing the cymbals and attacking his kit, he sets the pace for measures later, when the guitar sounds a chord and the sax pops in with a funkadelic melody. Robert, who can wail away on a 12-string guitar... Continue Reading →

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