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November 2017

The Story of “Sworn Virgins” Comes to Life

Pivoting off the folk music of her native Albania to get to jazz was not difficult for Vjollca Robelli Mripa, especially when she found she had a dire message to convey: the unbelievable story of women in a small town... Continue Reading →

Whither Thou Goest: The Together Sound of RUN LOGAN RUN

Their music paints a mood that is space-like and meandering yet accessible; you can follow the flow but you can’t quite predict what embellishments either musician will utilize. The song is “The Delicate Balance of Terror” and the two-man Run... Continue Reading →

The Next in Line: Students Move from Classroom to the Stage with HAPCO

Throughout the U.S have sprouted jazz education initiatives, often connected with schools, camps or other arts foundations. Most have been started by music devotees/educators who want to give students an extra hand up in realizing their potential in the field... Continue Reading →

Fellowship and Funk from Chris Greene Quartet

Finding the pocket every single time, the smooth and hip sound of the Chris Greene Quartet offers new beats and a reason to move to them. “Firecracker” is sweetly syncopative with incredibly airtight, intuitive harmonies and a melody from Chris’... Continue Reading →

Setting Life to Music with Jason Miles

He was an exec producer for Grover Washington, Jr., arranged a tribute album of Marvin Gaye, and worked closely with another Miles (the “Kind of Blue” one). Jason Miles’ reach is far and deep, with a daringly diverse catalog that... Continue Reading →

Sparkling Prose from the Body of a Small Guitar

Full of motion and skilled finger work, Harry Edwards’ jaunty gypsy jazz is irresistibly fun. The Hobart (Tasmania, Australia)-based guitarist has a swinging trio-turned-quartet (earlier trio is pictured) that continues to thrill with original tunes. Even slower tunes like “From... Continue Reading →

Jazzlight Glows from Sarah Partridge in New Collab with Janis Ian

Supported by the brilliant input from her band members, Sarah Partridge is part storyteller, part heartstring-plucker and part poetess. With a background in theater, she targets the emotions with pinpoint aim. Her voice is true and gimmick-free. She swings with... Continue Reading →

It Don’t Mean a Thing if it Ain’t Got That Bing

Bing Crosby Fan Base Gets Its Own Radio Show with Jack Boyle, Radio Host His movies show a humorous side, but Bing Crosby is most known as the crooner extraordinaire to compare all others with. Contemporary pop stars and musicians... Continue Reading →

The Cathedral of All Instruments Played Gorgeously by Stina Hellberg Agback

Unusual for its use in jazz, the harp is not without its headaches for upkeep: pedals, strings, transporting the instrument. Yet with humor and joy, Stina Hellberg Agback has made its music her life’s work, and is proficient in many... Continue Reading →

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