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October 2017

Albumology with Will Friedwald

Only a true music lover can list his top 50+ albums on the spot, from the heart, not taking a breath. Author Will Friedwald is one such writer. The level of musical detail in his new release The Great Jazz... Continue Reading →

Jazz Bites the Apple

Benny Benack III is young in life and in his career- but already world-traveled and admittedly born with an “old soul.” Which is why he appreciates all the skilled, story-telling crooners of our mid-century history. A guy whose jazz takes... Continue Reading →

Feelin’ Fusion From Day One – a Chat with Jeff Lorber

Although he’s not the father of jazz fusion, he’s very possibly the earliest and longest torchbearer of it - adding smooth, funk and trad jazz elements. Jeff Lorber’s performances for decades show the man remains full of energy and engages... Continue Reading →

Nurturing Jazz to Full-Bloomed Life – with David McLorren

Positivity, personal warmth and a can-do view on life makes for an overall outstanding musician. David McLorren’s “Deeper Than the Ocean” carries those qualities with its chill vibe that gets under your skin. Hear him saying “whoa!” in the background?... Continue Reading →

Melodic Morsels from the Strings of Ken Karsh

Guitarist Ken Karsh is known to sometimes play a stunted-looking instrument that is tuned a fourth up from the traditional guitar, and that gives it a bright, magical sound: the guitalele. Whatever is in his hands, though, Ken makes it... Continue Reading →

Brosky Gets Down with his Bad Self and a Stick

An unusual instrument in terms of not often seeing it in your typical jazz club, the Chapman Stick has almost a cult following. Pittsburgh-based Dave Brosky is not only versed in its harmonic nuances but also its genesis. The instrument... Continue Reading →

Spirit, Fire and the Expression of Grace

You can hear her wailing on the soprano sax, digging into the music with a fierce flute or singing from the spirit that moves her: Joyce Spencer is all that plus a jazz radio host. Crediting the support of her... Continue Reading →

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