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October 2017

Cool Grooves Brought to You on a Silver Platter

What sounds like soft “noodling” is a quick study in modes and harmonics. Guitarist Matt Chandler brings us from ethereal to picking up steam to flying high. Such sweet precision that it looks effortless. Equal weight with soloing is contributed... Continue Reading →

One is a Bird Flying, the Other is the Air

A duet that can perform so intuitively with all the necessary nuances need not even be in the same space, may be blindfolded, may be separated. Still that duet will produce elegant and beautiful harmonies in perfect rhythmic respect to... Continue Reading →

NOVEMBER 3 RELEASE DATE: “Upside Down Looking Up” / Mauricio Zottarelli And Friends, Firmly In the Pocket

Mauricio Zottarelli ’s new CD is most distinguishable by its opening suite, three panels conveying how we can be upside-down in life, and in need of re-orienting ourselves to a new path. Part 1 has conflicting rhythms that pull each... Continue Reading →

Journeying Through Africa with the Philip Clouts Quartet

Rhythmically boppy with unexpected chord changes and thick strands of textures, the UK’s Philip Clouts Quartet is accessible and joyous. As an example, the song “Umoya” shows its optimism with an ever-present sax noodling throughout, piano subtly giving it a... Continue Reading →

Donald Wayne King Slaps it with a Funky Beat

Bass player Donald Wayne King’s style is calm and almost mesmerizing, with a lot of funk. One of his favorite hangouts is a little joint in Hartford, CT called Black Eyed Sally’s – good food, great jazz. His tune “Slam”... Continue Reading →

The Octave Makes Room for One More: the “J” Note

Singer/songwriter Stephanie Jeannot hosts a jazz radio show called The JNote at Medgar Evers College in New York City. Her recent Sunday broadcast on WNYE 91.5 FM – always relevant – was a celebration of the life of Dizzy Gillespie... Continue Reading →

The Labors and Rewards of the Double Bass with Dave Manington

Freshly-baked, experimental, with challenging time signatures that shift like tectonic plates, Dave Manington’s band Riff Raff is highly innovative. They have a new CD coming out in 2018 that’s totally different. And, he’s in two other bands. Keeping their identities... Continue Reading →

Mixing Grooves and Slathering the Beat, St. Louis Style

With a deep love and appreciation for the jazz figures who have come before him, Bruce Purse is the jazz lover’s futurist: looking ahead and allowing the musical tide to bring jazz to its new evolution. On trumpet (and sometimes... Continue Reading →

Shades of Blu from the Core to the Edges

The nuances possible with the EVI – a breath-controlled wind synthesizer – are mastered yet always being explored for further depths by Blu7 Music’s James Barela. Due to an injury to his lip, James had been unable to continue to... Continue Reading →

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