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September 2017

Suave and Suited, Nick Colionne Lays Down the Hook

The consummate performer who connects with his band, the audience, and his inner dance groove, Nick Colionne gives the music his all. The perfect red or canary yellow suit and snazzy wide-brimmed hat aren’t all that grab the camera; his... Continue Reading →

His Path is an Upwards Glissando

Switching out piano for trombone as a schoolkid because of its simplicity (or so he thought), John Yao is making a prominent name for himself in the city that never sleeps. This New York City musician leads a 17-piece big... Continue Reading →

To Catch a Shooting Star

Guided by his faith and heart first and then his ears, producer/musician Dwayne Fulton knows the ins and outs of attracting talent. He has a strong interest in gospel music and is hands-on involved with his church in Pittsburgh. A... Continue Reading →

Giving Props to the Horns that Went Before

Rob Zinn, front man for the Wilmington, Delaware-based Rob Zinn Group, says their original intention was not to form a “trumpet tribute” band…however, there’s an element of that going on. There are plenty of kickin’ original tunes, but the band... Continue Reading →

Steve Sandberg Quartet Blends a Puree of Jazz, World and Classical with Flavor + Spice

Zach Brock from the Steve Sandberg Quartet **Newsflash: The Steve Sandberg Quartet's new release "Alaya" has just been submitted by ArtistShare for a Grammy nomination!** Hailing from New York City and becoming enamored with the piano at a very early... Continue Reading →

Easy, Breezy on a Butterfly’s Wings

Highly listenable and chill, Carol Albert’s voice evokes light and air. Perfect that her standout CD is so visually oriented: images of butterfly wings, waterfalls and the sky.  When did you first know you wanted to be a musician? I... Continue Reading →

A Fly on the Wall: Jazz History on Rediscovered Tapes and the Author Who Pored Over Them

In 2009, author Sam Stephenson wrote a fascinating book that gave more than a peek into the jazz world from an insider’s view. Titled The Jazz Loft Project, the book was about Stephenson’s special access to countless boxes of 50+... Continue Reading →

The Harmony is Magnetic but the Groove is Genetic

Twenty-two-year-old twins Jeremiah and John III are about to finish college but they already got a jump-start on their musical careers. Taking the best from jazz, R&B and soul, The Moore Twins are bringing a hip, fresh sound to “old... Continue Reading →

Mallets, Two by Two: The Lush Sound of Steve Raybine

Vibes performer and educator Steve Raybine is appropriately respectful of the craftsmanship it takes to build a vibraphone. This is an instrument requiring meticulous tuning, top-quality materials and precision to produce. It also takes a committed technician and artist like... Continue Reading →

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