Glorious Range and Soul That Soars

With a voice that seems to come from her toes, Polly Gibbons was captured by soul music at an early age. That definitive moment came when she heard Aretha Franklin in the Blues Brothers’ film singing “Think.” Polly did think about it and embraced the path (lucky for us). The UK artist recently performed “I... Continue Reading →

Deelee Dubé Finds a Sass of Her Own

Sarah Vaughan – “Sassy” to the jazz world – is known for her raw emotion, style, rich tones and magical alchemy. Scores of vocalists find her inspirational to the point of meticulously studying her music to develop their own style. In October 2017, the New Jersey Performing Arts Center welcomes her devotees at their Sixth... Continue Reading →

A Jazz Instructor Supreme

You might have heard of Jamey Aebersold as a performer; but more than likely, you’ve heard of him through his music education site Those fantastic play-alongs, those books with exercises and scales and arpeggios – somebody had to put it all together. Enter Jamey. Still active as a performer, this guy is tireless, having... Continue Reading →

Riffing Off Planet Mars

Guitarist, songwriter and TV composer B Christopher just released a CD inspired by the planet Mars called Four from the Sun. With a thesaurus-like wit, B (given name Brendan) has named each track for a different shade of red. From the easy flowing “Auburn” to the soaring sax on “Magenta” and the moody “Garnet,” each... Continue Reading →

“My Lady Jazz”

Artist and sometime-poet David Fellerman contributes this post all the way from Israel.   It's her story but who can tell, created in heaven, lives in hell, there and back she's seen it all, who really knows, she's standing tall.   Lady Jazz, one of a kind, knows her sin and clear of mind, sings... Continue Reading →

Time to Unpack Her Suitcase

[Editor's note: **For an exciting update, see the end of this article**] Char McAllister’s new CD is named for her life’s journey, set to music. A rich voice full of complexity, nuance and depth tells the tale of setbacks and challenges that almost did her in. But she wouldn’t allow that to happen. Based on... Continue Reading →

Latin Phoenix Flexes Her Wings

Born in Pennsylvania and now residing in Chicago, former schoolteacher and Latin recording artist Amaryllis Santiago is soaring skyward with new music, exciting collaborations and a music and art studio that just opened. When did you know you wanted to be a singer? I was always into music, but it wasn’t encouraged growing up. We... Continue Reading →

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