“My Lady Jazz”


Artist and sometime-poet David Fellerman contributes this post all the way from Israel.


It’s her story but who can tell,

created in heaven, lives in hell,

there and back she’s seen it all,

who really knows,

she’s standing tall.


Lady Jazz, one of a kind,

knows her sin and clear of mind,

sings loud, sings clear, and hears the beat,

New York’s finest at her feet.


Stay Lady Jazz, you know the score,

we yield, you sing, we want some more,

no other way, survive the day,

sing your song and we will pay.


No tears no pain have no regrets,

life deals the cards in different sets,

just play your hand don’t wonder why,

life’s a bitch and then you die.


Art & poetry (c) David Fellerman – June 12, 2016

To see more of David Fellerman’s jazzy art, visit www.davidfellerman.com.


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