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July 2017

The Train on the Tracks

When you’re a percussionist, everything looks like it belongs in your drum kit. Free-improviser Mark Sanders uses all manner of objects and musical accessories to create different sounds. The UK-based drummer has a long list of jazz colleagues to play... Continue Reading →

Pittsburgh’s New Messenger of Soul

One of the first things you notice when you listen to Kea Michaels is the range and depth of her voice, and oh yeah – the texture. It’s light, bright and shiny, but can immediately slip into a rich silky... Continue Reading →

For the Love of Sonny: The Proposed Renaming of a Bridge

"The New Yorker" by Gaurab Thakali with permission Jeff Caltabiano is a jazz devotee who continually immerses himself in its world, learning about the history, people and music of it. He’s the founder of an initiative to name the Williamsburg... Continue Reading →

Weather Forecast: Strong North Wind Approaching

With an octopus-like grasp into the performing arts world, Bianca Rossini has done so much already: acting in films and TV dramas, and hosting her own TV talk show; writing, composing and performing music heavily influenced by her Brazilian roots;... Continue Reading →

Glints of Light

Steve Barker of the UK has been obsessed with line, shape and color ever since he can remember. The first detailed drawing he recalls doing was at age 6 or 7. It was of a crab on pebbles. Pen or... Continue Reading →

It’s Real Right Now

Smitten by the British Invasion as a youth in Windsor, Ontario, Alexander Zonjic picked up a guitar and formed a rock band with his school friends. But his destiny was in another instrument entirely. When the flute came into his... Continue Reading →

One-Line Essence: A Brief Interview with Sir Shadow

He’s known as Sir Shadow and when you see his artwork adorning doorways and construction sites in New York City, you’ll know why. All over lower Manhattan he’s painting silhouettes of jazz artists – using one continuous line. It’s his... Continue Reading →

Breathing Life into a Piece of Brass

Dr. Otto Gomez has a personal connection to the trumpet. As a pastor, he appreciates how the instrument is mentioned in the Bible, and he never loses his spiritual regard of music. Born in the Bronx and raised in Brooklyn,... Continue Reading →

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