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May 2017

“Jazz Forum” Reinvents in Tarrytown

The first Jazz Forum opened its doors in New York City in June 1979. It moved from Cooper Square to lower Broadway, closing its doors for good in April 1983. Alas, according to owner Mark Morganelli, the club closed for... Continue Reading →

Defying Genres with 88 Keys: The Artful Music of Jeremy Siskind

UPDATE! New VIDEO SERIES from Jeremy Siskind's "Housewarming Project." The delicacy of Jeremy Siskind’s piano work is both floral and flavorful; a sensory bounty whose story unfolds minute by minute. We listen, fixed in place, not only because the music... Continue Reading →

A Novelist’s Journey, Episode 9: Trade Show Jitters

With the BEA (Book Expo America/Javits Center, NYC) coming up really fast now (end of this month!) I feel a jumble of emotions: excitement, curiosity and a case of the nerves. I can mingle with the best of them but... Continue Reading →

Norwegian Impressionism with Guitar, Drums and Bass

Painting with sound, leaving space for each musician to shine, Oyvind Nypan’s expressive guitar work tells its story and you want to hear more. They are in synch, these young men from Norway who make up the Nypan Trio. If... Continue Reading →

Ribbons of Gold through the Air

It can be the cool “So What” by Miles Davis or the thoughtful jazz chestnut “On Green Dolphin Street” or something fast and spicy. No matter: Claudio Roditi’s trumpet speaks in a way that fills a room with sweet honey... Continue Reading →

Tapestry Through The Strings: An Interview with Dan Sistos

  From the memorable intro of only five notes, Dan Sistos’ recent release “Ventura Blvd.” lets you know right off just how chill his music can be. It provides a groove that isn’t just smooth. It’s smart, sweet and melodic.... Continue Reading →

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