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April 2017

Jazz à La Mood – As Told By Maurice Johnson

With a hit called “Black Coffee Please” – and a video showing a full morning of diner stops for the best java jolt – smooth jazz guitarist Maurice Johnson has been groovin’ on since he first heard George Benson. You... Continue Reading →

A Novelist’s Journey – Episode 8: The Pre-Publication Review

So…this is a topic that can cause a plethora of new grey hairs, but it’s a process that needn’t be painful: asking (begging?) for pre-publication reviews. Here are some tips. 1. Where to find reviewers – They can be book... Continue Reading →

Harlem on Foot: A Jazz Connection with John Reddick

John Reddick, who conducts walking tours of Harlem with a focus on architecture, music and history, is actively engaged in Harlem’s culture, art and preservation. He’s authored numerous articles and has spoken at the Apollo Theater, The Museum of Modern... Continue Reading →

Sassy Strumming, Razor-Sharp Fingerwork At The Heart of “Jazz Gitan”

With its characteristic jaunty, Parisian feel, the spirit of gypsy jazz as made popular by Django Reinhardt lives on thanks to contemporary artists around the globe. In California, there’s one student of the art form who has made this his... Continue Reading →

A Novelist’s Journey, Episode 7: “We’re Live in 3, 2, 1…” – Tips for Doing Great Radio Interviews

God bless the power of Twitter. Really. I thought I was too old and too un-hip to use it. But once I started, I began to see its incredible usefulness. I met a pretty cool guy on it. He’s the... Continue Reading →

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