A Novelist’s Journey, Episode 5: Today’s Literary Pet Rock


A SLAP IN THE FACE TO AUTHORS EVERYWHERE- of every genre- “Reasons to Vote For Democrats”

The ultimate gag-gift “”book”” (it belongs in TWO sets of quotes) that just became a runaway bestseller makes ME gag. “Reasons to Vote for Democrats” which is blank on the inside (oh, I’m laughing so hard) just highlights how gimmicks will always sell to a few suckers. You may even buy one for your fave Progressive or Conservative frenemy.

It is clever…for about a millisecond.

The toil, imagination, organization, research and talent required to actually write and publish a book has nothing to do with this rube whom I will not name (so what if he has written other and ostensibly “more serious” books).

As somebody who wrote and published my first book and is in the very delicious midst of having my second book edited, I am almost speechless. Although it’s not worth the angst, it does make one wonder what sells and why…and how to ride that gravy train with integrity (as in, write a damn book!).

It’s a flash in the pan and – although I briefly considered my own literary pet rock (“How to Raise Children and Stay Sane” or “A Case for Abandoning Chocolate”) – I am moving on.

Keep writing, keep editing, be the best author you can. Don’t be distracted by the drivel.

 Photo Credit: publicdomainpictures.net
© Debbie Burke 2017

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