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January 2017

Talkin’ Swing with Gordon Goodwin of the Big Phat Band

There are no fewer than 20 top-notch musicians in Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band. Founded in 1999, Goodwin’s idea was to assemble a band to record an album “and nothing more.” It wasn’t his intention to get gigs for the... Continue Reading →

From Hymns to Hip: Composer Phillip Keveren Brings JS Bach into the Jazz Age

Composer/pianist/teacher Phillip Keveren, who earned his musical pedigree from Cal State U and the University of Southern California, was driven to re-interpret the fugues and cantatas of Bach into jazz. Sample it here: Why morph JSB into jazz, one may... Continue Reading →

A Novelist’s Journey – Episode 2

“Cease and desist or I will have my lawyer contact you!” These are the words that froze my heart and sucked the breath from my lungs. Moments later, when I regained composure, I read the rest of an email that... Continue Reading →

Bob Bernotas, Unmuted

Bob Bernotas might not be a jazzy household name, but he’s been writing about the genre for many years.  With a successful monthly newsletter and as the host of a show by the same name on an East Coast college... Continue Reading →

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