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5.7.19 Just featured on Tony Eames’ book blog called NFReads!

7.15.18 ~ Glissando is now on sale at NOVEL Bookstore in Memphis, TN!

7.1.18 ~ Book launch! Now on Amazon, B&N, Goodreads, Waldorf Publishing and others.

1.1.18 ~ Ordering early with pre-release copies on Amazon starting this March!

12.22.17 ~ It’s a wrap. Officially in production!

12.11.17 ~ Interior pages finished: acknowledgements, dedication; may be close to end of production…?

12.2.17 ~ Back cover material finalized with nice tight synopsis and short-n-sweet bio!

11.29.17 ~ Final edits in which editor said she LOVED it (“BRAVO!” was her exact response)

10.21.17 ~ First round of edits, some nice clean-up from the staff of Waldorf Publishing

9.18.17 ~THREE more fantastic pre-pub reviews! Author Gaetan Giannini, NC business owner Cynthia Pierce and CEO/business owner Jeff Miller!

8.24.17 ~ TWO more glowing pre-publication testimonials about “Glissando” from American jazz artist Maurice Johnson and singer/songwriter/talk show host Bianca Rossini!

8.12 17 ~ On the air with GHP/Gary Fuston and friends at “Indie Live Spot” talkin’ jazz and “Glissando” right here: https://goo.gl/iDSYxk

8.4.17 ~ Featured on Lisa Haselton’s blog! https://goo.gl/ktuofR

8.1.17 ~ Just got word that GHP Productions/ Smooth Jazz Radio wants to interview me about “Glissando” with a possible 8/20 airing!

7.29.17 ~ Editor, inundated with manuscripts, says mine is next. Let the story unfold!

7.27.17 ~ About “Glissando” in Times News article: https://goo.gl/RJLSZz

7.13.17 ~ New interview with author-blogger Lisa Hasleton

7.10.17 ~ Finalized my bio, synopsis and marketing highlights for Waldorf Publishing!

7.6.17 ~ Journal of the Pocono Plateau ran a story on “Glissando.” Thankful!

6.30.17 ~ Author blogger Fiona McVie has interviewed me on her blog! Many thanks, Fiona!  All about “Glissando”!

6.11.17 ~ Press release on “Glissando” picked up by the Journal of the Pocono Plateau

6.2.17 ~ Just returned from Book Expo America. Fantastic and exciting! Talked about “Glissando” and made so many contacts. Good work, #BEA!

5.29.17 ~ Barner Books (New Paltz, NY) interested in review copy. Great college-town bookstore!

5.24.17~ Final prep for BEA, packing, checking out booths I’ll visit. EXPO here I come!

5.20.17 ~ Article in Brooklyn Eagle

5.9.17~ Press pickup in Pocono Business Journal at https://goo.gl/3Be6SK

5.3.17~ First communique from my new editor Carol McCrow! Can’t wait to work with her.

4.28.17~ Connected with ALA offices to see about a library rep at Book Expo America. Will visit that booth!

4.18.17 ~ Participated in East Stroudsburg University’s Entrepreneurship Panel, talked about the business of writing 

4.13.17 ~ Presentation on finding inspiration as an author to East Stroudsburg University students

4.4.17 ~ Radio interview on Stony Brook’s WUSB

4.2.17 ~ Downloaded floor plan for BEA (Book Expo America). Time to plan 2 days of strategic floor-walking!

3.31.17 ~Pre-pub review by Cheryl Melnick/Bangor Teachers’ Book Club: “Smoothly written, intriguing saga.”

3.28.17 ~New headshots coming soon from William Cohea Photography

3.23.17 ~Bookmarks have arrived for BEA Very satisfied with how they turned out.

3.17.17 ~ Ordered custom-print bookmarks for BEA; chose butter-yellow background surrounding Glissando book cover

3.14.17 ~ A month and a day away from presenting at the Author’s Expo at the Eastern Monroe Public Library in Stroudsburg, PA, held on April 15

3.12.17 ~ Getting organized for Book Expo America/BEA in NYC May 31 – June 2

3.10.17 ~ The cover is revealed!Publication date set for July 2018.

All about everything jazz!

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(Header photo “Portrait of Baby Dodds” by jazz documentarian William Gottlieb/Library of Congress)
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